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New Courses

Advanced Topics and Discussion on Fungal Growth and Contamination Indoors

How to Conduct Legionella Risk Assessment

How to Identify Construction Defects as the Causative Factor in Mold Growth

Advanced Course on Indoor Microbial Investigation, Sampling and Analysis

Current Understanding in Mold Assessment, Sampling and Analysis

Building Moisture and Biocontamination

Controlling Moisture & Microbial Problems in Buildings & HVAC Systems

Investigating, Sampling, Identifying & Assessing Biological & Microbiological Contamination in the Indoor Environment

Preventing Mold Problems in Water Damaged Buildings

Developing Remediation Strategy & Specifications for a Mold Abatement Project

What to do About a Mold Contaminated Building

Correcting and Preventing Mold Problems in HVAC Systems (What to do about a Moldy HVAC System)

Water Damage: Why Does it Happen? (Recognizing Buildings with Chronic Moisture)

Mold Remediation Project Manager

Building Science & Moisture Investigation

Managing and Operating Facilities for Good IAQ

Managing Buildings for Good Indoor Air Quality

Building Tune-Up for Energy Efficiency & Improved Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality for Facility Managers & HVAC Operators

HVAC System Refurbishment for Energy Efficiency & Building Air Quality: Technical & Cost Considerations

OSHA Compliance for HVAC Operators, Mechanical Hygienists & IEQ Personnel

Avoiding Building Envelope & Mechanical System Problems in Hot & Humid Climates

IAQ Problem Investigation

How to Investigate an Indoor Air Quality Problem ~ 3 Days

How to Read, Write and Evaluate IAQ Reports ~ 1 Day

Using Blueprints as a Building Diagnostic Tool

IAQ Diagnostics: Hands-on Assessment of Building Ventilation & Pollutant Transport

IAQ Basics

Building Air Quality Plus

Orientation to Indoor Air Quality

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